Cocoaperation stakeholders committed to improving cocoa farmers living income in Côte d’Ivoire

The cocoa industry, vital to Côte d’Ivoire’s economy, is at a turning point. Recent fluctuations in cocoa prices, compounded by unfavourable weather conditions, have heightened the vulnerability of cocoa producers. They struggle to benefit from price rises due to structural and operational challenges in the supply chain.  

Cocoaperation: a multi-stakeholder initiative for substantial change  

The Cocoaperation programme, launched by IDH and the Conseil du Café-Cacao, is a key initiative aimed at transforming the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire. This collaborative approach focuses on sustainability, equity and community development. Cocoaperation’s information sessions create a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing between industry stakeholders and the development of innovative solutions to persistent challenges.  

The challenges of access to finance at the heart of discussions 

Access to finance was a major concern discussed at the information and experience-sharing session organised by IDH and the Conseil du Café-Cacao in Abidjan on 14 March 2024. Discussions focused mainly on the content of the programme’s four projects and their ultimate objectives, eligibility criteria, interest rates and the types of credit available to producers. The session also highlighted the need to professionalise cooperative societies to improve their access to finance.  

Avenues for improvement were identified to help overcome the financial obstacles encountered by producers. These include a better understanding of the factors influencing producers’ incomes, innovation in credit instruments, and strengthening producers’ financial management skills. Close collaboration between the various stakeholders is considered crucial to tackling the complex challenges faced by the sector.  

A call for collaborative action 

The information session not only facilitated dialogue but also fostered momentum towards concrete solutions. The challenges and opportunities discussed underline the importance of continued collaboration and innovation for a more promising and equitable future for cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. Future sessions should build on what has been achieved and continue to promote substantial transformations in the Ivorian cocoa industry particularly farmer incomes.