IDH catalyses positive change by bringing together committed stakeholders from across global markets to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and gender equality for all. Through our unique approach of convening, co-creating, and co-financing, we address critical challenges in value chains, such as deforestation, working conditions and wages, value distribution, and climate change. Our mission is to put people, planet, and progress at the heart of markets.

About us

IDH seeks to transform markets through collaborative innovation, convening and investment in inclusive and sustainable solutions that enable businesses to create value for people and planet. To achieve this, IDH brings together coalitions of committed stakeholders from across global value chains towards joint visions and program agendas for sustainable trade.  

IDH’s international presence extends to multiple regions and landscapes, facilitated by a network of around 400 staff including experts who are embedded in key agricultural, manufacturing, apparel and commodity value chains. In 15 years of operation, IDH has mobilized private sector investment and support to test and innovate new business models designed to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and gender equity for all.  

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In Collaborative Transformation we share the accumulated knowledge of IDH and our partners over the last 10 years, providing insight into the complex practice of accelerating transitions toward sustainability in international trade.

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Our team

We are proud of the work our team does all over the world. Visit our team page to learn more about our teams’ work on the ground.
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Our leadership

Our organization is steered by the Executive Board and Global Management Team, supported and advised by our Supervisory Board and Impact Committee. Our donors are a pivotal part of our organization, and we work in close collaboration towards reaching our shared objectives.

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Our Policies

Integrity, Inclusivity, and Courage are key values of IDH. Within all the work that we do and our work environment, we make sure to incorporate concrete policies and clear codes of conduct.

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Our Annual Reports

Every year we publish our Annual Report, which contains an overview of all our work and the progress and impact we’ve made together with our partners.

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