IDH's interventions in Kenya revolve around programs in the coffee and tea sectors through the East Africa Coffee Program; Farmfit Program geared towards transforming smallholder farmer value chains; Farmfit Fund aimed at reducing the risk and unlocking investments into sustainable value chains; Textiles and Apparel; Floriculture; Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA) and Value Chain Development in aquaculture.

Our footprint in Kenya

Kenya sectors


  • Food Crops & Ingredients

    Within IDH, Food Crops and Ingredients focuses on products sold by retailers and brands in the sectors of Aquaculture, Flowers & Plants, Fruit & Vegetables, Juice, Nuts, Spices, and Vanilla;…

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    Food Crops & Ingredients
  • Farmfit Fund

    The IDH Farmfit Fund is the world’s biggest ever public-private impact fund for smallholder farmers. The Fund’s innovative financing model makes investments in smallholder farmers attractive, it de-risks investments in smallholder farming…

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    Farmfit Fund
  • Seeds of Prosperity Programme

    GAIN, Unilever, and IDH aim to improve the nutrition and health of tea farmers, workers and their families in the supply chains through the Seeds of Prosperity programme.

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    Seeds of Prosperity Programme
  • Kenya Tea Program

    A public-private partnership that aims to transform the Kenyan tea sector through training and certification of 560.000 KTDA smallholder tea farmers towards sustainable agricultural practices.

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    Kenya Tea Program
  • Sustainable Nuts Initiative

    The Sustainable Nut Initiative aims to stimulate traceability and sustainability in the nut sector.

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    Sustainable Nuts Initiative
  • Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

    The floriculture Sustainability Initiative is working together towards a healthy, vital and sustainable floricultural sector.

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    Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

Our team

  • Jenny Löfbom

    Country Director

  • Beth Wagude

    Program Manager, Value Chain Transformation, Kenya

  • Beatah Nzove

    Senior Program Manager Landscapes Kenya

  • Caroline Ngumba

    Program Manager, Textile & Apparel, Kenya

  • Isaac Mungoma

    Investment Manager

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